Auckland resides on and around a narrow isthmus that is flanked by the Waitemata harbour to the east and the Manukau harbour to the west, Auckland New Zealand is more than just a city but a blending of marine, urban, and cosmopolitan experiences.

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Auckland New Zealand: A cosmopolitan blend.

Auckland New ZealandAuckland ’s amazing geography is a jigsaw of over 50 islands with a warm, humid climate that has been ranked in the world’s top ten. What makes Auckland great is you can be almost anywhere - sailing to an island, trekking through the rainforest, picnicking on a volcano, sampling wines at a vineyard or wandering a wild, black sand surf beach with 30 minutes or less.

Auckland New ZealandAuckland does the urban side of life just as well as it does adventure. America’s Cup activity has added an infusion of exciting new restaurants and bars. Dine on some of Auckland 's culinary masterpieces that draw from the cuisine of Europe, the Mediterranean, Polynesia, Japan and Thailand.

Auckland New Zealand
Rangitoto Island, an unforgettable feature of Auckland’s inner harbour, pushed its way through the ocean floor around 600 years ago. The volcanic fireworks that accompanied it inspired local Maori tribes to call it ‘Sky of Blood’.

Auckland New ZealandA short ferry trek from Downtown Auckland will take you across to the seaside suburb of Devonport where a delectible repaste and shopping await you.Feeling energetic? A walk to the summits of Mount Victoria or North Head provide 360° panaramic views of Auckland and all its beautifull harbours. There is more than a days worth of fun and sights to see and do in a day.

Make sure you check out the lodging options available and maket it a full day in one of the worlds most loved cities.